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The Ark of Music
Luke Crimiel – Telephone (single) READ MORE
Music Existence
Single Review: Luke Crimiel - Telephone READ MORE
Your Digital Wall
Luke Crimiel mesmerizes the audience with his splendid vocals and exquisite pop melodies in ‘Telephone’ READ MORE
America Daily Post
Versatile Music Artist, Luke Crimiel’s New Song “Telephone” is a Perfect Mix of Varied Music Elements READ MORE



Luke Crimiel is a singer, songwriter, record producer, multi instrumentalist and dancer that has deep roots with music. With him pretty much being born into it he began playing the drums at the age of 4 at his godfathers church. It was at this time, he began to come into his love for music. He was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, not far from New Orleans. Crimiel is based in Los Angeles California.

From influences like, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra he devolved a Pop/Soul sound that show the influence of ‘70s and ‘80s classic soul and Pop. With his lyrics showing the softer, passionate and melodic side of those eras it shows a clear influence in his vocals and melodic style. To quote Crimiel “My family always had music on. It was a lifestyle. Happy times we play music, sad times we play music. I think it would have been impossible for me not to have been influenced by my musical family.”




Whether it is his unique vocals, deep & touchy lyrics, and his understanding of multi-instruments, every element in the song deserves appreciation from listeners.
- The Ark Of Music
He nails every intricate riff with an effortless feel, a real testament to his ability.
- Music Existence
...the artist nurtures an incredible style of creating classic soul and pop music that dictates his name amongst the top contenders in the industry.
- Your Digital Wall
Luke’s musical genius, his understanding of song composition, and his amazingly unique voice - has made the process one I'll continue to remember for a long time to come.
- America Daily Post


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